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Promotional Golf Trophies: Selection Tips For Marketing Purposes

by Barry Graves

If you're looking to generate some buzz for your company, one thing you can do is host a golf tournament. You can attract a large audience and hand out promotional trophies to participants. Just make sure you shop for said trophies with these strategies in mind so that they have the marketing impact you're looking for.

Find a Specialty Manufacturer

If you want to get the best quality out of promotional golf trophies, then you should buy from a specialty manufacturer that makes these trophies on a regular basis. They've had enough time in this space to refine their manufacturing techniques, as well as use the best materials that ensure these promotional golf trophies hold up for recipients who receive them at your tournament.

A specialty manufacturer can also help you refine the designs of the trophies so that they have the right visuals that help tremendously with company promotion. You just need to be open to their design suggestions.

Choose the Right Material

In terms of how these promotional golf trophies look and how they can hold up, you need to pay attention to the materials they feature. There are a lot of options, including glass, metal, and wood. What you need to do is look at examples of them all to see what material selection makes sense for your upcoming golf tournament.

You might like wood because it offers a natural look or maybe glass and metal are better because of their modern aesthetics. Seeing these materials in real-time can help you make the right decision ultimately. 

Examine Samples

Once you figure out how these promotional golf trophies need to look and the materials they'll be made out of, go ahead and order a couple of samples from the manufacturer. Then you can review every major detail to confirm these trophies will help push your company's marketing efforts.

You can see just how good the material quality is and verify the designs make sense for what your company stands for. If you're happy, you can order a large set for participants who plan to compete at your company's promotional golf tournament.

Hosting golf tournaments is a great way to market your company because this is a fun sport that everyone likes to play. If you plan to hand out trophies for promotional purposes, make sure they're high-quality and designed perfectly. Then they can generate positive experiences that help with future sales.  

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