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4 Tips for Creating Engaging Advertising for Streaming Services

by Barry Graves

One of the best ways to reach your audience through advertising is by advertising on a streaming service, which people spend lots of time-consuming content on. When it comes to advertising on a streaming platform, there are a few specific steps you can take that will help ensure your advertisements catch the attention of your intended audience.

1. Step Outside of the Traditional Advertising Approach

First, you don't need to stick to a traditional advertising approach. You need to do something that is going to grab people's attention. It is okay to step outside the normal and try something different with your content. The content you make for a streaming platform should be different from what you make for a traditional television advertisement.

2. Make the Advertisement Feel Native to the Platform

Second, you are going to want to make your advertisement feel native to the platform. You need to think about what the feel of the platform is and create content that matches the feel of the platform. For example, if the platform is focused on streaming sports, you will want to target sports fans. If the platform is more for young people, you will want to target a more youthful audience.

3. Be Concise and Engaging

With an advertisement, you don't have that much time to catch people's attention, even on a streaming platform. People are conditioned to not like the fact that an advertisement is interrupting their viewing experience, so you need to ensure that you create concise and engaging content. You need to grab their attention so that they pay attention to the whole thing; you have to do that within the first few seconds of your content.

4. Make It Entertaining

You need your advertisement to be as entertaining as the viewer's content, or else they will mute the volume and pay attention to something else. You need to ensure that your content is just as engaging as the show that they are watching. Most streaming services require the viewer to play the commercial; you can't skip it. However, that doesn't mean you are going to hold their attention. That is why you need to ensure that your content is binge worth. You want your content to be funny, emotional, or engaging on some level.

When creating an advertisement for a streaming platform, make it different from what you would make a traditional television platform. Make the content concise, engaging, and entertaining. To learn more, contact Hulu advertising services.