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4 Locations Where Linear TV Ads Get Guaranteed Views

by Barry Graves

When you purchase linear TV ads, your main goal is to get the ads seen by as many viewers as possible. Thankfully, there are locations all around the United States where ad viewing goes uninterrupted, and you can reach those viewers with your commercials. 

Learn about four locations where linear TV ads get a ton of airtime and how to take advantage of programming and commercial slots in those areas.

1. Hospitals

With waiting rooms, patient rooms, and birthing rooms, TVs are pretty much located everywhere in a hospital. The programs that run on a TV offer fully uninterrupted commercials and many advantages for companies who purchase linear TV ads.

When a person is checked into an emergency room, there may be extended amounts of time where the person is waiting to be seen or taken care of. The TV is typically the easiest way to pass the time, and guests will have access to a wide selection of network and cable TV channels.

Employees may also have televisions located in break rooms, giving you even more chances for commercial exposure.

2. Airports

As guests travel through airports, televisions provide news, information, and entertainment. Televisions are often mounted near check-in gates to give people something to watch before the flight departs. Televisions are also found at airplane restaurants and common areas like food courts.

Some planes may also offer access to live television channels, giving you even more options for commercial exposure. Some screens may rely on closed captioning for televisions left on mute, still allowing customers to read commercial text and scripts.

3. Casinos

Casinos are full of screens, slots, and bright, flashing lights. Among all the entertainment is access to television screens. For example buffet lines may have live television airing as people wait to enter and enjoy the buffet.

Casinos with hotels offer television access in the hotel lobby along with all the casino rooms. Commercials can reach daily guests and long-term guests at the resort.

4. Sports Bars

Live television programming is a staple of a sports bar. Along with televisions hanging all around the sports bar, you may find individual booths all have their own live television access through individual televisions. 

Sports bars are known for a lot of noise, so really visual commercials can help your company or product stand out while the commercials air at a sports bar. With a target of live sports games, you can rest assured that your commercials will air on sports bar screens across the country.

As you plan out linear commercials, keep the locations in mind and formulate a marketing plan around the locations.