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4 Ways To Make Custom Inflatables A Marketing Success

by Barry Graves

When it comes to advertising, sometimes you have to get creative. If you want to draw people to your store or event, it helps to have something that attracts people's attention, like an inflatable. A custom inflatable, that is made specifically for your store or event, can be a creative marketing tool if you know how to do it right.

Get Creative with Your Inflatable

First, you need to get creative with your inflatable. You can't think inside of the box if you want to stand out. Don't make a square inflatable that just has your business name on it. Have some fun! Choose something that is related to your business or your marketing message and turn that into an inflatable. You want something that is going to bring other people into your space and help your business, so be creative. Inflatable companies can make just about anything you can imagine.

Leave Room on Your Design for a Message

Second, you are going to want to leave room on your design for a message. Create space where you can put up interchangeable banners inside of your inflatable.

That way, you can get more use out of your inflatable. With space for an interchangeable banner, you can use the inflatable multiple times, and use the banner space as a way to advertise for different events or even to put up different sponsor names.

Give Away Miniature Inflatables

Extend the fun to everyone who visits your store or event. You can have the same company that creates your big inflatable create mini inflatables that you can share with everyone who visits your store, your booth, or your event.

Giving away mini inflatables of whatever unique inflatable you make for your event is a great way to make sure that everyone takes something away from your event that will help them remember it. You can also give away some small token, like a keychain of the inflatable, that will maybe have more of a functional purpose and keep your store in the minds of everyone who visits.

When it comes to bringing in people to your store, sometimes you need to make a statement. A custom inflatable is a great way to make a statement. To ensure your custom inflatable helps your business, connect the use of the inflatable to a special event, and give everyone who comes a promotional memento. Reach out to a company like Bullseye Promotions to learn more about giant advertising inflatables.