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3 Reasons To Work With A Accounting Firm Email Newsletter Platform Provider

by Barry Graves

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market the modern-day business, and in an industry, as concentrated as accounting, email marketing can be one of your most valuable tools. Too many accountants utilize their own vices for marketing via email, however, especially those that work on their own or are just starting out. It is a good idea to work with an accounting firm email newsletter platform provider instead of trying to draft everything you need all on your own and send it to the list of recipients you have. Here is a look at why that is the case. 

Get access to content you can use in your marketing emails. 

Drafting your own regular emails on a regular basis can be tough enough, but when you want to incorporate an email newsletter, it can really take some time. If you are working with a CPA email newsletter platform provider who specifically works with accounting firms, you will likely get access to newsletter content that is pre-drafted that you can use. Some platform providers will actually draft custom newsletters specifically for your business operation so each one is totally unique. 

Get a look at the effectiveness of the newsletter emails. 

Not only will you get an easy to use platform for newsletter distribution when you work with one of these platform providers, but you will also get access to data that will show you response rates from the emails you send out. For example, if you send out a batch of 500 emails in the first week of March, you will get to see how many of those emails triggered a customer or prospect to visit your website through an incorporated link. This kind of information can help you hone your newsletter content to garner the most website traffic. 

Get help staying on track with email newsletter delivery. 

It is best if your email marketing efforts stay consistent, even if it is just a basic newsletter. Clients will learn to expect to get a newsletter from you at certain times. However, it can sometimes be difficult to stay on time with your newsletter deliveries because you have so much going on. When you are working with a platform provider who is helping you with the newsletter drafting and delivery every month, you can rest assured that your emails will be delivered on a more consistent and reliable basis.