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4 Benefits of Using Your Company's Marketing Dollars to Become the Sponsor of a Radio Show

by Barry Graves

In this day and age, companies are looking for ways to make sure that their marketing budget is used properly in order to increase revenue and attract new customers. While newspaper advertising has become less popular due to the rise of the internet, radio marketing is still highly effective. Millions of people listen to the radio while commuting to work, given companies a large audience to share their message with. 

However, instead of investing in radio commercials, your company may want to consider looking into radio sponsorships. For a set fee, you can essentially become a sponsor of a specific radio show, and the hosts will advertise on your behalf. Some of the benefits of radio sponsorship include:

1. Captive Audience

If your company chooses to air traditional commercials on the radio, they will be played during commercial breaks. The problem is that many people change stations during a commercial break, so a lot of people may never hear your commercial. When you have a radio sponsorship, the show hosts will incorporate your advertising message into the show, so you will reach a larger, more captive audience. 

2. Frequent Mentions

Depending on the level of radio sponsorship that you sign up for, you can count on your company, motto, contact info, and web URL being mentioned several times. Depending on the length of the radio show you are sponsoring, you may be able to reach a lot more people compared to spending the money to run a radio commercial. In addition to mentions throughout a radio program, most radio stations also include the name and contact info during both the opening and closing credits.

3. Online Exposure

A lot of radio stations also include information about their show sponsors on their website and social media pages. A popular radio station can have a big reach online, so being a sponsor gives you the benefit of both radio advertising and online advertising.

4. Engagement Factor

People tune into radio shows because they feel like they have a connection with the hosts and their sense of humor or how they present information. A lot of people are very loyal to listening to specific radio shows when they are in their cars. When you invest in being a radio sponsor, the radio show hosts will be telling their audience base about your company and how you are a sponsor of the show. This can greatly raise the engagement factor and make potential customers more likely to check out your company's website.