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3 Tips For Using Twitter As A Marketing Tool

by Barry Graves

Twitter is one of several social media platforms that can serve as a useful marketing tool. If you want to integrate Twitter into the marketing of your business, there are ways to make your efforts more effective.

Create A Hashtag

If you plan to use Twitter as part of your business, you should have a related hashtag. This will make it easier to scan the platform and find posts about your business. Try to develop a simple hashtag that is unlikely to be used by other businesses. When you check Twitter, you can easily search for your hashtag and see what other people are saying about your business. This is also an easy way to remain engaged with your customers. If you see good publicity, thank Twitter users for their kind comments. With negative comments, it is best to address the problem in a professional and helpful manner to prevent a problem from escalating. Ask the the person to send a direct message or call the company for help. Going back and forth on a public platform looks unprofessional and can cause a simple problem to escalate unnecessarily.

Analyze Your Posts

Twitter is a good place to post content from your website or kick-off marketing campaigns. Before you make your next Twitter post, you should have tools to help you analyze your reach. For example, some tools may give you information on the number of people who were engaged with your last post, such as sharing or liking the post. If you have shared content from your website on Twitter, it important to use tools that tell you how many people arrived at the content via Twitter. Knowing this information can help you change your strategy if it is not effective. If no one is engaging with your posts on Twitter, you might realize you are not posting enough or at the wrong times. Additionally, knowing how people arrive at the content on your website can help you determine which social media accounts are worth the investment.

Be Engaged

You need to be engaged on Twitter beyond addressing feedback, which can help you build a following and make people want to return the favor by staying engaged with your business. To help make it easier to engage with your followers on different platforms, it is worth the investment to automate your posts. You might spend time scheduling posts on Twitter and other platforms for at least a month in advance. This will give you more time to answer questions, respond to comments, or otherwise chat with your followers. Your audience will be more interested in your business if they feel like a real person is behind the social media account and willing to listen to them.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool is more than simply posting and watching your followers grow. To be effective, you need to utilize analysis tools and remain engaged with your audience.