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Unique Ways to Promote Your Business to Company Bigwigs

by Barry Graves

You want to get your business noticed by other larger companies for many reasons. These companies know how to network, have a larger customer or client base, and have the money to spend on marketing campaigns and more. You want CEOs and other company hands to know and use your product or service, so you need to get your name out there to impress. Here are unique ways you can promote your small business to company bigwigs who matter.

Golf scorecard advertising

As cliche at it sounds, it remains true that many company execs and well-do-to individuals frequent golf facilities as part of an exclusive club membership. If you can promote your business somehow within those quarters, you can make an impression on the people who go there. Consider working with the golf club itself to get your business name promoted on golf scorecards so you can make an imprint in important peoples' minds while they enjoy their leisure sport.

Other ways you can promote your company at a golf club is to leave business cards at the front desk or even have your logo printed on golf balls the facility allows guests to use on the driving range. You can work out a small marketing campaign in your area that will benefit both you and the golf course by offering to promote their business as they do yours.

Host community events

You can market yourself to the whole community while doing something beneficial for everyone, which can catch the eye of chair holders and community sponsors in your area. Host an annual event, such as a Thanksgiving fundraiser, children's book drive, or even a community marathon to get your name noticed and promote your company as one who cares. This can boost your business's credibility and help you gain local backing.

Donating in the community can work wonders for promotion as well. Consider donating to local animal shelters, schools, and homeless shelters. Even small donations that can be locally recognized can help your small business look more important, and can make you feel good knowing you are making a difference as well.

Whether you want to impress company bigwigs to make your own business more successful or you are just trying to get your foot int he door in a new way, you want to make your business known. Using the right marketing outlets can make a huge difference in your own success.