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Four Ways To Keep Everyone Entertained At Your Next Corporate Event

by Barry Graves

Breaking up the serious nature of a corporate event can help to invigorate the crowd and give them a way to remember your event. Here are just a few ways you can incorporate entertainment into your next event.

Hire A Comedian

Comedians often make themselves available for corporate jobs, and they can help to give everyone a laugh. The comedian can kick off the event to energize the group, or you can have him or her perform a short set after the lunch break to get everyone back to their seats and ready for the next portion. Be sure to discuss any off-limit subjects in advance, and let the comedian know what your business does. In some cases, the performer can work in a few jokes centered around your industry.

Hold A Door Prize Raffle

You can break up long strategy-planning sessions or discussions with a door prize raffle. Have the prizes set up on a table near the entrance of the event space, and pass out tickets to your guests. Let them choose which items they want to enter a drawing for by placing a bowl in front of each item. The guests can write their names on their tickets and enter the drawing for the items they like best. Throughout the day, pause to do a drawing for the items and pass out the prizes. This will keep everyone on their toes waiting to see if they won a prize.

Serve Seated Snacks

Work with a caterer to create a menu of small, bite-sized snacks that can be served throughout the day. Servers can bring out trays of the items and pass them out to your guests while they are seated. They can be exotic items your guests might not have tried before, or they can be small versions of classic comfort foods. Mini slider sandwiches, meatballs on sticks, skewers of fruit, and cheesecake bites are just a few ideas. Have the snacks passed out at regular intervals throughout the day, and be sure to have beverages available at a table in the room to go along with the foods. You might even want to have small drinks passed out with the snacks, such as shot glasses filled with juice, lemonade or sparkling water, to wash the small bites down.

Work with an event planner to help create the perfect corporate event, and don't be afraid to get creative with your meeting ideas. You can use any or all of these ideas to make your next corporate event a fun and engaging one.