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Keeping The Backyard Cool With A Nautical Theme For Summer

by Barry Graves

Summertime is all about having fun and keeping cool at the same time. One of the best ways to have fun all of the time, plus beat the heat visually is with a nautical theme for your backyard. If summertime is here or coming up, you should decorate your backyard in a nautical or underwater theme. Here are some nautical decorations and nautical theme electronics you need for a swimmingly good backyard. 

Set up the tiki torches

No beach and marine theme would be complete without tiki torches. Along with providing free lighting for any area in the backyard, tiki torches can also discourage flies and insects from being around the area. Set up tiki torches near your deck or areas where you have seating and food preparation in order to provide a good and sitting space. Some torches will allow you to burn oils such as citronella which will help to ward off summer mosquitos and other uninvited critters that show up in good weather.  

Under the sea wall decals

One of the best ways to provide seasonal decorations is through wall decals. Pick up decals of the lost city of Atlantis underwater, complete with sea animals such as turtles, dolphins, plus underwater treasure. You can adhere these to many wall surfaces including wood, brick, and stucco, so they can easily stick to many different types of homes. Be sure to create an entire scene in order to give your backyard the feeling of being entirely underwater. If you have a pool, place stickers relating to the theme on the interior of the pool walls as well. Find wall decals with durable plastic and reusable adhesive so that you can take them down at the end of summer and put them back up next year. 

Nautical themed speaker

A nice Bluetooth speaker that you can put on a table or even put in the pool is a great accessory for a backyard in the summer. Find a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a nautical theme, such as an anchor or fish. The speaker should be able to stand up to being placed in the pool to float during swim time, or able to sit out during a summer rain. Contact a business, such as SHJR Internet Marketing, LLC. , for more information. The Bluetooth should be able to operate without needing to be plugged in except to charge. This will remove the need for finding a plug in order to enjoy music while sitting outside in the backyard.