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Use Fabric Paint To Add A Design To Plain Curtains

by Barry Graves

A plain set of curtains that are hanging in your home's living room can be decorated to match the decor that surrounds them by adding designs to each one with stencils and fabric paint. The following steps will teach you how to transform these window coverings into ones that are stylish and appealing to look at.


  • iron
  • ironing board
  • stencils
  • measuring tape
  • fabric pen
  • two-sided tape
  • fabric paint
  • plastic bowls
  • sponge brush
  • thin paintbrush
  • water

Iron The Curtains And Attach The Stencils

Remove the curtains from the rods or hooks that they are connected to. Eliminate wrinkles from the curtains by ironing them. Determine how you would like the final design to appear on each curtain. Use a measuring tape and fabric pen to line up and mark each spot where a painted design will be added. Attach each stencil to one of the marked sections with pieces of two-sided tape.

Fill In The Stencils With Fabric Paint

Pour each bottle of fabric paint that is being used in a plastic bowl or tray. Use paint colors that will be easy to see against the color of the curtains. Apply an even coat of paint to a foam brush. Dab the paint on the cut out portion of each stencil. Rinse the brush with water when you are ready to add a different color of paint to the curtains.

If there are any fine details in the stencils that you have chosen, apply paint to these areas with a thin paintbrush. After all of the stencils have been filled in, wait for the paint to dry. The estimated drying time will be listed on the back of the paint bottles. 

Iron The Back Of Each Curtain Before Hanging Them

After the paint has dried, turn one of the curtains over so that the painted side is facing downwards and press the fabric with an iron. Hold the iron over the portion of the fabric that has the painted design added to it. Completing this step will help set the paint so that it does not peel or crack in the future. After each curtain has been ironed in this manner, reattach the curtains to the rods or drapes that they were previously connected to.

The curtains will add beauty to your living room. Keep them maintained by washing them with gentle detergent when they are dirty and hanging them up to dry before placing them back over the windows in your home.