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Tips For Successfully Marketing Your New Photography Business

by Barry Graves

As the owner of a new photography business, successful marketing is one of the most vital parts of building your business. With a good marketing plan and execution, you can grow your new business to whatever size that you choose.

Follow these tips to successfully market your new photography business:

Tip: Get Permission and Shoot a Local Event

There are always festivals and special events happening in your community. To help get your new business out in front of potential customers, ask if you can attend public events and take some professional photographs. As you take people's photos, give them a business card so they can go to your website and view their photos. As people see the images of themselves on your website, it's likely they will share them with others and book appointments for future photo shoots.  

If you don't have a web site already or don't know how to put one together, it might be smart to invest in hiring an advertising agency. They'll be able to design a site that will make it easy for customers to browse your work and provide further assistance in getting you name out there as a photographer.

Tip: Offer a Bonus for Referrals

As you start to take your first paid images, offer the people you work for the option of getting more prints from you if they refer their friends and family to your business for their own photography needs. You can make this very easy for your customers by displaying one of their images on your website and asking your customers to share it on their own social media accounts. 

Tip: Team Up with Other Small Businesses

There are many small businesses in your area that need photography services. One example is a real estate company. Realtors always need high-quality photos of the homes that they are trying to sell.

By teaming up with owners of other small businesses in your local area, you can help build your customer base and help other business people out by providing a service that they need. Not only will your photos be published in the real estate agent's marketing materials, but you will also get word-of-mouth referrals for your photography business as well, and real estate agents typically have very large customer bases.

Tip: Take Photos of Your Local Animal Shelter's Adoptable Animals

Finally, to get your new photography business's name out into your community, you can volunteer to take photos of your local animal shelter's adoptable animals and post them on social media groups in your area. Prominently display your contact phone number and website on the corner of the photos. People might be drawn to your business because of the images and because you are showing that you care about improving your local community.