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Raise Support For Your Football Team With A Fall Discount Card

by Barry Graves

Many groups use discount card fundraisers to raise money for their organization, because these cards are inexpensive to make, small and non-perishable -- not to mention useful. If you're thinking of setting up a discount card fundraiser for a high school football team this fall, though, you'll find lots of competition. Other organizations might be selling cards in your area, and many online companies offer local deals. To stand out from all the other organizations and companies selling discount cards, create a customized, seasonal discount card. Here's how to go about doing so.

Brainstorm Fall-Specific Ideas

The first step to creating a fall-specific discount card is brainstorming seasonal activities that might be included on the card. Anything that people like doing during the fall is fair game, regardless of whether it's specifically tied to football. When thinking of ideas, you'll want to come up with both a business and a discount. For example, you might include any of the following:

  • $1 off per bushel of apples at a local orchard that allows picking
  • a free frozen pumpkin pie with the purchase of a turkey at a grocery store
  • a complimentary cup of chili with the purchase of an entree at a restaurant
  • discounted tickets to a college football game
  • reduced admission to a haunted house at Halloween

Not all of your ideas will work. If you hope to offer 12 discounts on a card, try to come up with at least two dozen ideas.

This step should be completed now, during mid-summer, so you have time to talk with businesses before the football season starts.

Pitch Your Ideas to Local Businesses

Once you have a list of ideas for discounts, pitch them directly to local businesses. Many business owners will be keen if a suggestion doesn't cost them too much, brings in additional customers and supports a local team.

The team members should be tasked with talking to business owners about potential discounts. Not only are they the ones who will benefit from the fundraiser, but the experience will help them mature and introduce them to professional relationships.

By the time tryouts are over, you ought to have about 12 discounts lined up. Setting everything up in late summer will let you get your cards printed before school starts.

Print and Sell Your Discount Cards

Once your discounts are set up, all that's left is to print and sell your team's discount cards. A local printing company might be willing to offer you a deal on printing the cards, which should list each deal on the back of them and your team's name on the front of them. If you get them printed by kickoff of the first game, you'll have plenty of time to sell them, and people will have all fall to take advantage of them.