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Five Reasons Airplane Banner Advertising Can Work For Your Business

by Barry Graves

When you are planning an advertising campaign for your business, you will naturally look at traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, magazines, as well as radio and television commercials. However, one overlooked area of advertising is aerial banners that are towed by airplanes. The following are five advantages these advertisements can provide your business.

A high percentage of people in the audience will see your advertisement

When people hear the sound of an airplane, they can't help but look up, and those people who didn't hear the plane, see others looking up and instinctively look up themselves. Because of this, airplane banner advertising reaches a large percentage of the target audience of an outdoor event.

There is no competition for your advertising dollar

Unlike a television or radio commercial, the chances of having a competitor advertising in the same time frame are remote. Companies often charge by the hour, and they advertise with one plane at a time. For a competitor to advertise at the same time would mean using a separate company than you are using.

It can be combined with other types of advertising

This gives you even more bang for the buck. People driving to and from the event that you are targeting can view billboards on the roadways. This type of advertising is complementary to aerial banners and helps to reinforce the message seen in the sky.

People remember aerial banner ads for longer periods of time

Unlike those advertisements seen on television or radio, a person who sees a message in the sky is more likely to remember it. This is seldom true with radio and television where you must repeat the commercial several times before a viewer or listener remembers it.

Airplane banner advertising companies can assist you in making the banners

Many aerial banner advertising companies provide the service of producing customized banners, so if you do not have a banner ready to use for your company, for an extra cost, one can be made for you. The process is simple and can be done more quickly than producing other types of advertisements.

Before contacting an aerial banner company, first decide on which outdoor events will serve your marketing needs best. Create a short message that will be effective, and then contact your local aerial advertising company for a quotation. In most cases, they will be able to help with the production of the banner for your company.